ColdFusion Summit 2022 Slides & Sessions

October 7, 2022    

Adobe has released a comprehensive list of Summit talks. My original post is retained below for posterity.

Here's a list of all of the CFSummit slides and resources that I've been able to find. If I find more, I'll add them to the post. If you have something I missed, please get in touch with me and I'll add it.

Below the Surface: Web Vulnerabilities Hiding in your Applications by Brian Reilly – Slides

How the Adobe CF Docker Images Have Evolved by Charlie Arehart – Slides

Message Queues with RabbitMQ by Brad Wood – Slides

Modernizing through evolution not revolution by Guust Nieuwenhuis – Slides

Native Mobile Apps with & Adobe ColdFusion 2021 by Mark Takata – GitHub repo & slides

OAuth2 for me and you by Matt Gifford – Slides

SMS/Email/Voice Using Twilio with ColdFusion by Chase Cabrera – GitHub repo

Step by step guide to upgrading procedural code to MVC & why you should do it by Gavin Pickin – GitHub repo

Taming The Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Weaknesses by Pete Freitag – GitHub repo & slides

Web Components and CFML by Nolan Erck – GitHub repo & slides